About Homeopathy 

Homeopathy is a scientific and sensible system of medicine based on using dilute substances to trigger the various systems of the body to function more effectively and efficiently.

Science has not yet been able to explain precisely how homeopathy works, it is thought that new theories in quantum physics will be able to shed some light on the process. (Society of Homeopaths 2011).
For a wide range of information on homeopathic research please visit the Society of Homeopaths website at www.homeopathy-soh.org and also see our latest news section.

Homeopaths work on the belief that when you are unwell, whether briefly or chronically; physically or emotionally - your symptoms are actually your body's attempts at getting better.

It is also worth remembering that being healthy doesn't mean never being ill - it means that you can cope with being ill occasionally, but you are then able to recover quickly and fully. The immune systems can be regarded a bit like a muscle - it does them good to be exercised!

Therefore in homeopathy, rather than concentrating on a diagnostic label of your condition, your prescription will be based on a detailed history or your symptoms and their peculiarities - not only outward physical signs, but also how you are feeling and your general tendencies. We can then be clear about what your body is trying to do for itself and where this process may be getting stuck.